Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Final Project Idea

        For my final project I hope to focus on Tyler, the Creator, an American rapper and the alternative hip-hop collective he leads known as Odd Future. Tyler has many critics, who accuse him for portraying graphic violence and homophobia in his lyrics. The purpose of this profile piece is to address the lyrics and the people behind them.

            OF is not a typical hip-hop group, rather than rap about money, hoes, and rims, OFWGKTA's songs are a bizarre mix of grotesque imagery, close friendships and sex. In other words, they talk about exactly what every other teenager in America talks about. 
          What I find most impressive about OFWGKTA is how they are creating an entirely new aesthetic seemingly as they go. At the center of all this innovation is Tyler, who acts as the groups graphic designer, music video director, head of merchandising, and producer. Impressive considering until this year he couldn't get served at a bar.

          I want to rely heavily on the many interviews Tyler has given and make the argument that despite his dirty mouth and 'fuck it all' attitude, there is more to him than just shock value. While Drake might have coined the term 'yolo', Tyler lives it. He is young, rich, and famous, and doesn't ever want to grow up.

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  1. Interesting subject matter. Go for it, and also make sure to, in addition to what you've outlined here as your argument, also make a point about what his presence in music culture today says about the culture right now.